Cyborg Drum Show with Cory Flanigan, iNK oN pAPER and Jeff Sussmann

Event: Cyborg Drum Show with Cory Flanigan, iNK oN pAPER and Jeff Sussmann

Date: 25 Jul 2012 - 8:00 pm


Show features 3 drummers pushing the limits of technology and composition.  All drummers play a hybidized drums combining acoustic and electronic sounds.

Cory Flanigan

I was frustrated.  After almost 2 decades of playing in bands stretching from Peoria to Beverly Hills, music was still not rewarding me the way that I hoped it would when I first picked up the drum sticks at the age of 6.  I yearned for more independence and control over my musical destiny.
I consulted with a friend of mine (a bandmate who had become consumed with manufacturing boutique analogue synthesizers) who suggested the Alternate Mode controllers and some synthesizers as a solution to my problem. After some fortunate gifts and horse-trading, I was able to work my way into a TrapKAT and a Korg RADIAS. My system grew as I spent months camped out in my friend’s electronic music studio learning everything I could about the technology.

Now I can push into new venues with this hybrid drum kit, playing both acoustic drums and triggering synthesizers through the TrapKAT and the DrumKAT.  I love the power and beauty of acoustic drums and cymbals and the new soundworlds possible with samples and synthesis.

 Jeff Sussmann

Percussionist Jeff Sussmann has been playing for over 40 years and teaching for over 30. His background includes working with numerous groups and songwriters playing  rock, jazz, fusion, folk, blues, country, R&B, flamenco, latin, brazilian, world beat, trance, midi percussion and programs, orchestra, percussion ensemble, modern dance and musical theatre. He has recorded with Michael Stearns, Eric Darling – “Border Town at Midnight”, Krishna Dass – “Pilgrim Heart”, Ottmar Liebert – “Nouveau Flamenco”, Tulku – “Season of Souls”, and ThaMuseMeant- “Live at Tha Mineshaft Tavern”, “Breakfast Epiphanies”, “Sweet Things” and “Grow your Own”.

He has studied drumming and percussion with Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny) and Christopher Shultis (U. of New Mexico). He is co-founder and co–producer of “The Drum is the Voice of the Trees” drumming and percussion festival, held on an occasional basis in Santa Fe since 1992. He taught percussion at The College of Santa Fe, and now teaches privately.

What I see as my small contribution to the future of drumming is utilizing the heels to play multiple pedals with the feet. I do this in both acoustic and electronic settings. I play an electronic setup with three Roland Handsonics, which enables the playing of multiple parts with both hands and feet, creating the possibility of performing dense mixes of percussion without the aid of loops.


“… as if drum ‘n’ bass took a detour through an electro-acoustic free-punk Jucifer and had its downbeats addled or partly removed.”-Signal to Noise Review

“Each a master of their instrument, the duo create tight, controlled, loop-driven instrumental tracks that will get inside your head and shake you around”-Santa Fe Reporter

iNK oN pAPER is a drum, bass, and electronics duo from Milton Villarrubia III (drums and laptop) and Carlos Santistevan (bass and electronics).   After making music together as a rhythm section for 13 years in numerous creative projects, Carlos and Milton are now honing their craft in a duo setting exploring the vast possibilities of their instruments and electronics. Both members play hybridized versions of their instruments with Milton using Midi triggers on his drums to trigger samples and processing using Ableton Live and Carlos incorporating analog live looping and signal processing on his upright electric bass. 

The result is a duo that is drags rhythm through the mud in unimaginably glorious ways.

iNK oN pAPER is currently in the studio recording and working on new material.

Collectively the 2 have shared the stages with many greats including:  Dennis Gonzalez,Myra MelfordDub TrioClaudia QuintetLightning BoltHEALTHThe AhleuchatistasSunburned Hand of the ManRob BrownRoscoe MitchellTatsuya NakataniAnthony DavisGutbucket,  Kidd JordanJ.A. Dino Deane,Nicole MitchellChris JonasEd PetersonMark Dresser,  Thollem McDonas and TsigotiZimbabwe KnenyaVijay IyerGreg Osby, et al.

The 2 have/still perform in:  Out of ContextThe Late Severa Wires,  A. Barnhouse,Knot My SoulWATIVThe Uninvited Guests, Taiji Pole, Grilly Biggs, Green Orbit, at a loss…and others.

Location: High Mayhem Emerging Arts Studio, 2811 Siler Lane, Santa Fe NM,

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