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Wanna help out?   Great!  What can you contribute?  We are looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic and creative people to help actualize.

In general, we can always use help in many ways….

  • Wanna become a member? Show up.   We meet most Sundays at 4pm at our studio.   Drop buy, say hello, see what we’re up to, let us know what you are up to.  Initiate!
  • Are you a video artist/movie maker? We got tons over amazing footage documenting the last 8 years that has never been produced.   We’d love a video artist to help get involved and bring creative ideas.
  • Wanna volunteer to help run events? We always need help running the door, cleaning the space, helping with audio.   We can’t pay, but you can get in for free and you may find a stray Tecate or 2 to keep your whistle happy.
  • Are you a competent audio engineer? Come help produce and record events for a good time.
  • Wanna give us money? We love you…..we are always struggling to pay rent/utilities and buy/repair equipment for our studio.  No one skims any money so know that any and all contributions keep our pulse beating.
  • Wanna give us gear?   Cool!  Here’s our wish list.  Don’t see what you wanna give us?  Drop us note if you are looking to get rid of audio/video gear-We’ll give you a tax write-off!!!
    • lcd projectors
    • Mic stands
    • WaveLab 7
    • MICROPHONES–AKG 414’s, SM 57’s, SM 58’s, Any large diagraph condenser mics—Neumann, Rode, Mojave, Bock, Earthworks, Octavia, etc. Ribbon Mics-AEA, Royer, etc.
    • Microphone Preamps-Manley, Vintech, API, etc.
    • Real Time Frequency Analyzer
    • Rackmount gear
      • Reverb
      • Compression
    • XLR cables-all lengths
    • Patchbay
    • plenty more…if you are looking to do a gear dump, please contact us first!

1 Response to Get Involved

  1. Evan says:

    Hello High Mayhem,

    Audio electronic is a hobby of mine. I am not a professional level yet, but I am fairly good at fixing things.

    That Ty Segall concert on Tuesday blew my hair back. Never had been to High Mayhem before, and glad to find out that this sort of scene exists in Santa Fe, especially since I’ll be moving to town in May.

    Just putting it out there that if you might need a volunteer to repair A/V equipment, I am trying to get more experience with that. Getting a 2 year in electro-engineering.

    Either way, thanx and keep it going!

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