Booking Events

High Mayhem artists reserve the right to block time in advance of anyone else.

In general:

We are a curatorial organization.   We take great pride in what we put on and wouldn’t devote so much energy to this if it didn’t feed us in some way.  We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization, we only choose to do a few events a month so that we can stay enthusiastic about what we do.  What happens the rest of the time with our studio?   WE USE IT.  We record, we create, we rehearse, we do our thing….if we like your thing, than maybe we’ll help put it out.   If not, don’t take it personal…we are busy creating art more than we are presenting art.

Want to book an event/show?

Cool.  First ask yourself…..Are there other places I can play or show my art?..bars, coffeshops, hotel lounges, restaurants….If there are, maybe you should ask them.  If you do something that makes it difficult to find a place to present your art, then we may be your place.

We present unique/emerging arts.  Make sure what you are doing pushes the boundaries of art.  We are not into genre’s and styles, we’re into fresh, ripe and juicy.

Contact us via our contact page with your idea….Yes, we do check it.


Check recording and production page

Rentals: We occasionally rent out our space for events, please submit a proposal for our review and we’ll get back to you regarding availability and rates.  We generally like to work with people we have a history with or other non-profit/community based organizations.

Any other questions?