Founded in 2001, High Mayhem Emerging Arts is a not-for-profit emerging arts facility, record label and multimedia production collective based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We challenge the homogenizing effect of pop-culture groupthink by providing opportunities for and fostering collaborations with underrepresented “experimental” artists.

High Mayhem curates performances and organizes workshops year-round with musicians and performance artists who come from near and far. We seek out other brave explorers (and welcome those who have discovered us) to join us in producing innovative and thought-provoking experiences for our communities. Further, we encourage and organize collaborative experiments across disciplines; new forms emerge from mutated traditions and pure invention.

We provide a venue and voice for creative tinkerers who challenge our notions of aesthetics in music and art, especially those who employ cross-media synthesis, improvisational techniques and the unorthodox…the often indescribable.

The group’s members, volunteers and constituents have created a live/work space which allows them to explore their varied interests, commune with one another and experiment with sound, vision, movement…you know, creative adaptive systems.

Beyond merely organizing, promoting and producing cutting-edge programming, High Mayhem collaborates with like-minded individuals and organizations.

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