Black Iron Trio

Black Iron Trio is the newest project formed by New Orleans precussionist, Milton Villarrubia, III.  This trio features J.A. “Dino” Deane (Lapsteel dulcimer and electronics), Carlos Santistevan (acoustic upright bass), and Milton Villarrubia, III (drum kit with effects).  Using improvisation as a vehicle for thier pieces, the trio explores the dynamics of music by combining the completely acoustic upright bass with two low volume amplified instruments that are then processed through effects boxes.   At times mellow and blue and other times thick and ferocious grinding rules the sonic sheets of sound, always with a focus on maintaning the dynamics of the music to allow the listener to always feel the intimacy of the upright bass.   By combining ukelele, dulcimer, bass and drums  in this environment, Black Iron Trio is creating a new form of electro-acoustic folk music at it’s best.

Deane and Santistevan have played together in numerous projects including: Out of Context (w/ Deane as conductor), The Late Severa Wires and Taiji Pole.   Villarrubia and Santistevan have been playing music together since 1999 and have been cohorts in numerous projects that have ranged from fictitous avant-garde talk show house band to thier raucous-teenage-duo iNK oN pAPER.


November 2, 2012-High Mayhem Fall Series, Electracoustic Night with GoGoSnap Radio, Prey For Brain and The Proxemics

September, 16 2012-AHA Festival, The Railyard-High Mayhem Stage.

June 8, 2012-with Pillars and Tongues and Extremadura, 8pm, High Mayhem Studio, 2811 Siler Ln, Santa Fe NM.


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