Listening to Cloacas is like traveling sideways in time. This ensemble invokes elements of folk, classic Americana, classical and American gothic styles as well as whatever their acoustic instruments inspire. With song titles like “Venetian Blind Man,” “Knuckle Butter,” and “Old Person’s Book of Things,” they present a humorous but sincere irony that is sometimes bittersweet and melancholic, and sometimes gangly-legged and goofy. They have been described as a tiny mountain orchestra in a wooden box with rusty hinges.
Cloacas is:
Johnny Bell: banjo, ukelele, melodica

Sabrina Griffith: violin, viola and kazoo

Damon Griffith: mandolin, sit-box and Horn of Enough

Michael “Smitty” Smith: percussion, xylophone and bowed saw

Grannia Griffith: bowed saw.

Cloacas’ Debut Album Available now.
The Oatmeal Commission

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