Recording and Production

Recording Studio-

High Mayhem Studio is a fully equipped 24 track recording studio.

Live room and control room are shared. There are 3 isolation rooms for amps and vocalists.

-Soundcraft Ghost 24*8 console

-Solid State Logic MADI Extreme i/o converter

-MacPro Quad Core with 16GB RAM

-6 channels outboard compression-dbx 166

-4 channels Alesis Alex Multi-fx

-Vintech Dual 72 preamp

-Langevin Dual Mono Preamp

-Focusrite ISA2 preamp

-AEA RPQ ribbon preamp

-whirlwind 12 channel extension snake

-B&W 802 monitors, Focal CMS50 active monitors

-We record to Cubase 6 and Mixbus 32c

-We master with Steinberg Wavelab 7


-2 AEA r84 ribbon mics

-2 Mojave Audio MA-100

-1 Peluso Stereo Ribbon Mic

-2 AKG C414 XLS

-2 AKG D112’s

-1 Shure SM81’s

-4 Shure SM57’s

-4 Shure SM58’s

-2 Sennheiser e609’s

-1 AKG C2000

– 1 Reddi DI

-2 Radial JDI DI boxes

– 6 DOD DI boxes

For recordings we charge $350/day including engineer.   We find that a day in the studio loses all productivity after 10 hours.

To date we have produced and released over 30 releases on CD, DVD, and LP formats under the HIGH MAYHEM Label.


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