A. Barnhouse

a. project in technological regression

Definitions of A.Barnhouse:

  • place: origin of numerous non-vegetarian delights
  • name:  A surname (rare: 1 in 100000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #17056)
  • musical ensemble: elevating the potential of acoustic music. the thing you do when you revert to your adolescence, never mind the mess

Dis spelling their infatuation with electronic sounds, the players in A. Barnhouse, have chosen to ignore their effects pedals, cables, amplifiers, and AC power to regress themselves back their acoustic roots. Utilizing an almost bluegrass instrumentation, the ensemble plays a post-modern rural American string and percussion music. A. Barnhouse began their journey in November of 2005 and is: Milton Villarrubia III on drums and percussion, Alex Neville on banjo, Yozo Suzuki on acoustic guitar, and Carlos Santistevan on the upright bass. It is not uncommon for bicycles, flying objects, animals yelping, breaking glass, and large fires to appear at an A. Barnhouse event. Eye protection is encouraged.

The players in A. Barnhouse are members of many other well-known ensembles, such as: iNK oN pAPER, The Proxemics, The Late Severa Wires, brilliant Dullards, Out of Context and many others.

Although A. Barnhouse appearances are rare, they have performed with acts such as: The Claudia Quintet, Myra Melford and Mark Dresser, Roscoe Mitchell, Tatsuya Nakatani, and TinBag.


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