“… as if drum ‘n’ bass took a detour through an electro-acoustic free-punk Jucifer and had its downbeats addled or partly removed.”-Signal to Noise Review

“Each a master of their instrument, the duo create tight, controlled, loop-driven instrumental tracks that will get inside your head and shake you around”-Santa Fe Reporter

iNK oN pAPER is a drum, bass, and electronics duo from Milton Villarrubia III (drums and laptop) and Carlos Santistevan (bass and electronics).  After making music together as a rhythm section in numerous creative projects since 1999, Carlos and Milton are now diving deep in a duo setting exploring the vast possibilities of their respective instruments. Both members play hybridized versions of their instruments with Milton using Midi triggers on his drums to trigger samples and processing using Ableton Live and Carlos incorporating analog live looping and signal processing on his upright electric bass.

The result is a duo that is drags rhythm through the mud in unimaginably glorious ways.

Collectively the 2 have shared the stages with many greats including:  Dennis Gonzalez, Myra Melford, Dub Trio, Claudia Quintet, Lightning Bolt, HEALTH, The Ahleuchatistas, Sunburned Hand of the ManRob Brown, Roscoe MitchellTatsuya NakataniAnthony DavisGutbucketKidd Jordan, J.A. Dino Deane, Nicole Mitchell, Chris Jonas, Ed Peterson, Mark DresserThollem McDonas and Tsigoti, Zimbabwe Knenya, Vijay Iyer, Greg Osby, et al.

The 2 have/still perform in:  Out of Context, The Late Severa Wires, The Glass Key TrioA. Barnhouse, Knot My Soul, WATIV, The Uninvited Guests, Taiji Pole, Grilly Biggs, Green Orbit, at a loss…and others.



June 23rd – The Hall, Albuquerque NM


2nd St Taproom


Lensic Performaning Arts Center, Santa Fe, NM


March 6, Sol Santa Fe

February 23rd- High Mayhem Studio, Santa Fe NM with Luke Carr.  “Official Demo” CD release

February 22nd-Synchro Studios, Albuquerque, NM with Luke Carr, Enemy Tone and Cinick


Sept. 16, 2012- AHA Progressive Arts Fair, the Railyard, Santa Fe NM

July 26th- Cyborg Drum Show, High Mayhem Studio, Santa Fe, NM


November 12, 2011-High Mayhem Fall Series, High Mayhem Studio with DJ Duo(JA Dino Deane/Joseph Sabella), Audible Whispering Half Quartet and Pitch & Bark.

October 22, 2011-The Drum is the Voice of The Tree Festival, Armory for the Arts, Santa Fe NM.

September 26, 2011-Santa Fe Indian School Campus

September 18th, 2011- AHA Progressive Arts Festival, The Railyard, Santa Fe NM.

August 8th, 2011-Opening Performance for THE ROOST with The Zack Freeman Improv Trio-The Projects-Creative Music Series in Albuquerque, NM.

May 15th, 2011 -with Rez Abassi’s Invocation featuring Vijay Iyer, Greg Osy, Dan Weiss at Santa Fe University of Art and Design-O’Shaugnessy Space-7pm

May 12th, 2011- Creative Soundspace Festival- The Outpost Performance Space, Alb, NM with  Nicole Mitchell and Anthony Davis, 7pm


October 2nd-High Mayhem Fall Series with Peter Breslin, Ryat, and StarHustler

June 12th- Tex Gallery, Denton, TX with Dennis Gonzalez’s Yells at Eels!

June 11th–The Commons -Jackson, MS with Knot My Soul Trio

June 10th-Northgate Tavern, Baton Rouge, LA

June 9th-Bachanel-New Orleans, LA with Knot My Soul Trio

June 8th-Dragon’s Den-New Orleans, LA with Knot My Soul Trio

June 6th-Resonant Interval Music Series, Houston, TX-Exoskeleton Lounge, 2808 Milam, 7:45pm

June 4th-CD/download release @ High Mayhem Studio with Tatsuya Nakatani, Santa Fe, NM

May 15th-Coalmine Koallectiv, Albuquerque NM-with Thollem McDonas’s Tsigoti and Jeremy Barnes (A Hawk and A Hacksaw) and Brian Gillespie.

March 15-Coalmine Collective, Alb. NM


Dec. —Debut Performance..Duos with Ray Charles Ives and Glad As Knives, High Mayhem Studio, Santa Fe NM


Official demo – Download and CD release- High Mayhem- February 2013.   Available here

Live in the RedStick – download only release High Mayhem Records-April 2011

iNK oN pAPER-s/t CD and dropcard release High Mayhem Records -June 2010


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