The Uninvited Guests

The Uninvited Guest(s) is the project of musician, sounds engineer and bass player Carlos Santistevan. The improvisational ensemble is anchored by Carlos on upright bass and electronics. At times inviting Guests to perform with, the group has ranged in size from solos to septets over the course of 15 years.

Carlos Santistevan is a founding member and director of High Mayhem Emerging Arts. Since 2001 he has helped drive numerous genre bending and creative music ensembles including: The Late Severa Wires, iNK oN pAPER, A. Barnhouse, Taiji Pole, Out of Context, and more.

His solo work incorporates acoustic and electric bass along with live looping and electronics to create a unique bass driven music.

Collaborators have included: Chris Jonas, Milton Villarrubia III, J.A. “Dino” Deane, Yozo Suzuki, Dave Wayne, Al Faaet, David Barsanti, Josh Smith, Jeremy Bleich, DJ Ultraviolet, Gaspard Cabanes, Ross Hamlin, Dave Nielsen, and many others.

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