William Tyler and Grove of Baal

Event: William Tyler and Grove of Baal

Date: 2 Apr 2014 - 7:30 pm


High Mayhem is excited to welcome to Santa Fe Merge Records recording artist William Tyler!

Doors open at 8pm. Music starts at 8:30pm. $10. All Ages!

William is on tour in support of his latest Merge Records release Impossible Truth. The album was born on tour as William Tyler was reading two books with an odd kinship while on long and lonely Midwestern drives: Barney Hoskyns’ Hotel California and Mike Davis’ The Ecology of Fear. Both center on the promise and psychosis of southern California, albeit from very different angles: Hoskyns tackles the naïve and narcissistic Laurel Canyon scene of the early seventies, while renowned social scientist Davis deals with the history of the destruction of Los Angeles, both in real and imagined disasters. The synchronistic tackling of these tomes inspired Tyler to compose a story rooted in apocalyptic expectation and bittersweet nostalgia. Or as Tyler puts it, this is “my ’70s singer-songwriter record; it just doesn’t have any words.”

Impossible Truth will challenge your ideas of what an instrumental guitar record can and should be. As M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger puts it, “William will worry a phrase—some tangled chordal wormhole—until you are certain it’s all that exists. He’ll take you over the stiles, he’ll love you up and down, and then he’ll make you cry for the world and what we’ve done to it. Willy T’s got the vampire blues. And there’s only one like him.”

“Tyler is a skilled and artful musician—and the atmospheric bits he layers on top of his compositions are undeniably good—but there’s something particularly stunning about the way these songs move: Tyler understands that the human experience is more about the small shifts, the little changes and stumbles and victories, all the things that repeat and start over anew. Impossible Truth comes about as close as anyone could hope to approximating the sound of living a life”. -Pitchfork

“Paying tribute to rock basics while infusing them with revisionist energy and impeccable taste, Tyler made revelatory music that was both down-home and experimental, and that’s the way it should be”. -Nashville Scene

“Tyler’s vision is positively technicolor, layering gorgeous sounds, moaning pedal steel, triumphant brass sections, reverb-laden electric twelve-strings and more, over his majestic compositions”. -Aquarium Drunkard




Santa Fe’s very own Grove of Baal will set the mood for the evening. Using songcraft as ritual praxis to explore the profane as sacred space, Grove of Baal intertwine traditional composition and free improvisation to eloquently express the fragile beauty and vulnerability of the human experience. The band is anchored by Ben Tempchin and Aaron Jenks and sometimes features Roland Ostheim and Michael Smith from We Drew Lightning!


Don’t miss this exceptional evening of local and touring talent in an intimate listening space.


The event will be live streaming at:

Location: High Mayhem Emerging Arts Studio, 2811 Siler Lane, Santa Fe NM,

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