The Glass Key Trio – On(e) Day webcast recording session

Event: The Glass Key Trio – On(e) Day webcast recording session

Date: 16 Nov 2019 - 2:00 pm


The Glass Key Trio

Jeremy Bleich – acoustic guitar/composition
Paul Brown – acoustic bass
Milton Villarrubia III – drums

The Glass Key Trio will play 2 sets of music (2pm and 4pm, MTN time) as they record a new album.

Live webcast at:

The Glass Key Trio led by Jeremy Bleich’s eclectic acoustic guitar and compositional style explores compositions inspired by folk, jazz, country, world music, and film noir.   Each composition invokes a spirited dialogue between the players ushering the listener along a narrative exploration of musical frontiers without borders.  

“The Glass Key Trio… has conceived a strange combination of folk, gospel, spirituals, jazz and experimental curiosities, all without adhering too intensely to any one, and without an easy means to genre-fy.” The songs are strange yet familiar, with roots in finger-picking guitar that vacillates between feeling jazzy and moody to Middle Eastern patterns.”  – Santa Fe Reporter

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