SOLOS- CJ Boyd, Andrew Weathers, Ermine, the Uninvited Guest

Event: SOLOS- CJ Boyd, Andrew Weathers, Ermine, the Uninvited Guest

Date: 4 Mar 2018 - 7:30 pm


Join us at Zephyr for a night of sonic bliss.

Longtime High Mayhem favs CJ Boyd and Anrew Weathers ┬áreturn and are joined by Ermine and HM’s own Carlos Santistevan.

CJ Boyd

B assist turned vagabond C.J. Boyd uses bass loops and voices in order to try and stop time. On perpetual tour since March 2008, movement and stasis are both at the center of his music. Weaving together improvisation with a sparse, minimalist aesthetic, Boyd creates waves of sound, worlds of provocative unlived memories through a singular approach to the upright bass and electric bass guitar that makes everything near and far.

T hough solo performance takes up the bulk of his time and effort, he occasionally tours with the improvised chamber orchestra Kurva Choir and has also released music with Chris Schlarb, Eliot Lipp, Move, and his electronic alias DJ Too Slow. Past projects include Desert Center, Rhonya, Like No Tomorrow, and he’s been known to join a band for a one-off or the length of a tour, such as with Paleo (AZ), Shy Hunters (NY), Real Live Tigers (TX), and Harm (AK). All the while, he also runs a small label called Obsolete Media Objects, which has released such lovely folks as Balmorhea, Aisha Burns, Dilute, and Nelly Kate.

His non-stop musical travels have been propelled primarily by a van that runs on vegetable oil while in North America, whereas frequent European tours will find him catching trains, buses, planes, boats, and cars. But regardless of how he arrives to the gig, the music is driven by a commitment to ceaseless discovery and re-invention. His oceanic sounds provide a home for the homeless and journeys to the homebound.

Ermine from Burque!


The Uninvited Guest(s) is the project of musician, sounds engineer and bass player Carlos Santistevan. The improvisational ensemble is anchored by Carlos on upright bass and electronics. At times inviting Guests to perform with, the group has ranged in size from solos to septets over the course of 15 years.

Carlos Santistevan is a founding member and director of High Mayhem Emerging Arts. Since 2001 he has helped drive numerous genre bending and creative music ensembles including: The Late Severa Wires, iNK oN pAPER, A. Barnhouse, Taiji Pole, Out of Context, and more.

His solo work incorporates acoustic and electric bass along with live looping and electronics to create a unique bass driven music.

The Uninvited Guests

Location: Zephry Community Arts, 1520 Center Dr, # 2, Santa Fe,

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