Lonesome Leash (NOLA) with Luke Carr and Caitlin Brothers


8:30 pm - 11:30 pm


High Mayhem Emerging Arts Studio
2811 Siler Lane, Santa Fe NM
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Lonesome Leash is the solo project of Walt McClements of New Orleans. McClements has played in Santa Fe before, as the accordionist in the band Dark Dark Dark when they played a packed house at Corazon in 2010, and as the frontman of Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship, whose performance opened the night. He returns now as a one man band.

The evening opens with Luke Carr and Caitlin Brothers presenting ‘Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand’!!

leashListen to this:

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From the artist’s press release:
“Anchored by the sinuous accordion sound that’s become a McClements trademark, Lonesome Leash takes mad aesthetic stabs, incorporating drum loops, lush feedback and brass flourishes, in the end creating a sort of future-rustic musical environment. McClements explains: “I’d always been interested in affecting the accordion to make it sound more like a synthesizer, and more than a synthesizer, as well as including drum machines and electronics into what normally would — or could be — very traditional sounding textures.”
Live, the project takes the form of a one man-band, with McClements deftly navigating drums, accordion, trumpet and vocals. A spectacle in and of itself, the true achievement is how quickly one forgets the multi-tasking going on, as the arrangements, sounds and words quickly overshadow any thoughts that this may just be technical gimmickry.
On the debut album I Am No Captain, released in January of 2013, Lonesome Leash trades in the sort of heavy-breathing ecstatic joy and fatalistic romanticism that pervades New Orleans, but translates to any location and into any language. “Pelican” is a homesick ode to a new wave dance party in a falling-down shotgun house, while epic album closer “Ghosts” will conjure familiar emotions for anybody who has ever endured tense sleepless nights in the company of another. Lonesome Leash is music for the lonely ones; for the triumphant and the nervous; it’s the soundtrack to the lives of the mad and magnificent”.


Luke Carr and vocalist Caitlin Brothers, reveal more of Carr’s Sci-Fi Rock Opera, Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand – A spell-binding tale of an advanced Native Culture against a defiant European Colony in a Santa Fe of the future.

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