High Mayhem Fall Series- Night 4 – FUFAKA, Rumble Trio with bassdrumbass, Dierdre Morris, The Shiners Club Jazz Band, Cloacas

Event: High Mayhem Fall Series- Night 4 – FUFAKA, Rumble Trio with bassdrumbass, Dierdre Morris, The Shiners Club Jazz Band, Cloacas

Date: 22 Nov 2014 - 7:00 pm


A Night of Acoustic Madness

November 15, 2014
Doors 7pm, Music 7:30pm
$10 suggested donation
Bands listed in order of appearance


Al Faaet- drums
Matt Norman- piano, Keys

High Energy Improvisations by 2 highly seasoned improvisors.


Rumble Trio

Since 2003, the Rumble Trio has been providing low-end improvisational accompaniment to a host of touring and local musicians. The trio was formed in order to bring to the forefront the range of voices that are possible from bass instruments that typically reside in the sonic shadows. Culling a unique assortment of rumblings from a varying arsenal that might include at any given time two double basses, tuba, sousaphone, didgeridoos, musical saw, trombone, modified bugle, and little instruments, the Rumble Trio, along with their guest musicians, have consistently produced music that is beyond conventional classification.

In an effort to wave the low-end flag even higher (or lower, as the frequency may be) for this very special High Mayhem performance, the Rumble Trio will be teaming up with their bottomless brothers, bassdrumbass. Since both groups share a common member, this 3+3=5 collaboration isn’t technically possible, which is appropriate as the vibrations produced by this ensemble are sure to push far beyond what is sonically feasible.

New Mexico’s bassdrumsbass is a freely improvising trio consisting of Jeremy Bleich on electric bass, Milton Villarrubia on drums and Ben Wright on acoustic bass.  Although fresh in this combination, each member brings extensive playing and performance experience with which to evolve a shared language in free improvisation.  The spontaneous musical connection between the players remains driven to transform a soon to be discovered pallet of sound possibilities into a vibrant and captivating sonic landscape.

Dierdre Morris

Performance Artist and High Mayhem co-counder Dierdre Morris will provide us with another one of her magical pieces.   Not to be missed!

The Shiners Club Jazz Band


A tiny mountain orchestra in a wooden box with rusty hinges. Listening to Cloacas is like traveling sideways in time.

cloacasThis ensemble invokes elements of folk, americana, classical, jazz and American gothic styles as well as whatever their acoustic instruments inspire. They present a humorous but sincere irony that is sometimes bittersweet and melancholic, and sometimes gangly-legged and goofy.
“Like stepping into some kind of musical time machine, Cloacas combines just about any kind of music their acoustic instruments can achieve to create ethereal indie-folk tunes rife with stylistic subtleties and genre-defying aplomb. Think of the local supergroup as a sort of history lesson in music that throws off the shackles of classification to delight in the unification of classical, Americana, jazz, gothic and beyond. Is it possible to all at once feel moved to sadness and elated by the power or sheer musicianship? Certainly it is, and Cloacas supplies the good stuff to make it so.” – Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter“Cloacas turns out predominantly instrumental acoustic-folk tunes that are at times mournful and hypnotizing and at other times almost jazzy and vaudevillian in a playful, semi-improvisational way. It’s the kind of music that deserves to be played over a silent film about being stranded in a dusty Western ghost town with the love of your life, a jug of whiskey (or absinthe), and physical manifestations of your most fond hallucinations and troublesome inner demons.” – Rob DeWalt, Santa Fe New Mexican Pasatiempo.

Location: High Mayhem Emerging Arts Studio, 2811 Siler Lane, Santa Fe NM,

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