Hands of Midnight – On(e) Day webcast recording session


2:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This On(e) Day webcast and recording session will be a multi-track recording session and not a performance.

We hope to get good takes of 6-7 tunes and will begin around 2pm once tech is up and run until we are done.

Tune in and see how they record a new album.

On(e) Day = Insights into the Creative Process.

Hands of Midnight from Denver is coming to bring some analog electronic electronic music.

PLEASE TUNE IN TO YOUTUBE STREAM. Facebook’s live stream platform is inferior in many ways and tries to make our content proprietorial to FB, which we just don’t buy into.


Shawn O’Neal – aka UV brings his current project down from Denver. Shawn is a founding member of High Mayhem and you may know him from Invisible Plane, The Late Severa Wires, Simulate Sensual and More. For this project he plays turntables, drum machines, synthesizers and samplers. He is joined by Bill Murphy on guitar and 2 lovely vocalists with R and B stylings.

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