FALL SERIES-Out of Context, Rumble Trio with Scott Moore, Dan Plonsey/Chris Jonas Novel Interpreters, Interrobang Battery, The Proxemics, Hosted By Rod Harrison

Event: FALL SERIES-Out of Context, Rumble Trio with Scott Moore, Dan Plonsey/Chris Jonas Novel Interpreters, Interrobang Battery, The Proxemics, Hosted By Rod Harrison

Date: 9 Oct 2010 - 7:00 pm


Listed in Order of Appearance Shows start at 7pm

Out of Context
Rumble Trio with Scott Moore
Interrobang Battery
Dan Plonsey/Chris Jonas Novel Interpreters
The Proxemics

Hosted By Rod Harrison

Out of Context

The Out of Context Ensemble was founded by Dino J.A. Deane in 1997. “Conduction” is a vocabulary of signs and gestures transmitted by a conductor
to an orchestra providing instantaneous possibilities for altering or initiating harmony, melody, rhythm, articulation, phrasing or form. Attributed largely to the work of Butch Morris, Morris himself cites an early substitution for musical notation called “chironomy,” dating from1500 B.C. Deane’s goal in founding the ensemble was to have no goal. His intention was to work with a group slowly over time to allow the ensemble to develop a deep understanding and skill with this revolutionary way of creating music.

Over the course of 13 years of continual development, the ensemble has realized a real-time score to the classic 1932 silent film “Peter Pan”, a concert at the Georgia O’Keeffe museum “playing” the photographs of Edward Weston, a concert “playing” the book – 1” = 25 Miles, by Sumner Carnahan, a score for the film The Burden Carriers, by Pierre Barrera and a theatrical score for Theater Grottesco’s Wenomadmen. OOC has released 4 critically acclaimed CD’s and contributed several new signs and gestures to the Conduction Lexicon.


Dino J.A. Deane – Conductor

Jon Baldwin – Cornet

C.K. Barlow – Sampler/LiveSampling

John Flax – Voice

John Gustafson – Oboe

Katie Harlow – Cello

Sam Rhodes – Bassoon/Soprano Sax/Voice

Joseph Sabella – Vibes/Percussion

Carlos Santistevan – Bass/Electronics

Milton Villarrubia – Sampler/Percussion

Rumble Trio with Scott Moore

Mike Balistreri – bass, percussion

Mark Weaver – tuba, euphonium, didgeridoo

Ben Wright – bass, saw

The Rumble Trio was formed in 2003 with the concept that we would perform spontaneously composed music in collaboration with a different guest artist each time. Since then we have performed with cornet/flute player Dan Clucas (Los Angeles CA), saxophonist Jack Wright (Easton PA), violinist Tom Leith (Albuquerque NM), multi-woodwind player Alan Lechusza (San Diego CA), vibes/clarinet player Dave Nielsen (Santa Fe NM), bassonist Sara Schoenbeck (Brooklyn NY), percussionist Dave Wayne (Santa Fe NM), trumpeter Bill Clark (Albuquerque NM), percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani (Easton PA), trombonist Christian Pincock (Albuquerque NM), and Shawn Woodyard (Tesuque NM).

For this performance at High Mayhem on October 9, 2010, The Rumble Trio is honored to collaborate for the fifth time with Scott Moore – outrageously creative visual/sculptural/movement/sound artist from Brooklyn currently living in Taos NM. Aside from his studio and performance work, Scott is a member of Eve Sussman’s The Rufus Corporation centered in Brooklyn, NY. This international collective has produced film, video, music, installation and performance pieces.

Dan Plonsy’s Novel Interpreters

“Dan Plonsey brings the music of El Cerrito (California) to Santa Fe, courtesy of old friend and collaborator, Chris Jonas. The music of El Cerrito (Northern Hills region) sounds more or less like theme songs to 70’s era Asian TV shows, ranging from sitcom to action/adventure type shows, but with less improvisation. We cannot stress enough the aspect of naivete in this music. Works from both the ‘Color Music’ series (music intended to accompany the making of art) and the ‘New Monsters’ series (music designed unchannel the id) will be presented.”

Interrobang Battery

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, Interrobang Battery is a full on
assault of drums, jibberish, and foolish intentions. Drums and more drums
are backed by rhythmic sampling, bass, and strange vocalizations that don’t
use a word of english, or any other language for that matter. Founding
members of Bull Seal! have commissioned this odd, rag-tag group of
questionable musicians from no-one-knows-where to perform for you so that
they don’t have to.

The Proxemics

The Proxemics is a Santa Fe-based experimental folk-rock band, founded by Alex Neville in 2009. The band employs traditional and electronic instruments creating a distinct sound, characterized by their use of strings, samples, loops, percussion, vocal textures and harmonies. The listener should expect to hear a broad palette of sounds and textures, as well as, a dynamic sonic range. This presentation of new material will be performed “solo”. Alex Neville is also a member of Antoine Pasquier, Audible Whispering 1/2 Quartet and A. Barnhouse.

Hosted By Rod Harrison

Location: High Mayhem Emerging Arts Studio, 2811 Siler Lane, Santa Fe NM,

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