FALL SERIES-JA Deane/David Dunn Duo, Thollem McDonas Duo, Alchemical Burn, Roland, Hosted By Tuesday Eve

Event: FALL SERIES-JA Deane/David Dunn Duo, Thollem McDonas Duo, Alchemical Burn, Roland, Hosted By Tuesday Eve

Date: 25 Sep 2010 - 7:00 pm


Listed in Order of Appearance Shows start at 7pm

David Dunn/J.A. Dino Deane Duo

Thollem McDonas

Alchemical Burn


Hosted by Tuesday Eve

David Dunn/J.A. Dino Deane Duo

Utilizing new electroacoustic instruments of their own design, J.A. Deane and David Dunn present an evening of mind altering sonorities that explore leading edge improvisation and scientific sonification. Combining their unique skills as significant figures in multiple contemporary music traditions (jazz, free improvisation, classical new music, electroacoustic composition, sound art, biomusic, early music, world music, and microtonal performance), this duo presents music that draws upon new understandings of both ancient and modern insights into the fundamental nature of sound to effect human consciousness.

Deane performs on a one-of-a-kind “lapsteel dulcimer” whose design is informed by the traditional Chinese qin, modern Western amplified plucked-string guitars, and the most recent innovations in digital modeling of string acoustics. Essentially the instrument is comprised of three monochords playable in both directions with an amazing arsenal of novel techniques. The resultant sound can also be modified through a palette of powerful signal processing devices.

Dunn uses a novel set of non-linear chaotic oscillators capable of generating an infinite variety of “auditory behaviors”. Based upon the theory of “biological autonomy” and new principles in cognitive science, these circuits represent an alternative design philosophy for the creation of electronic sound synthesis. More akin to living systems than information processing devices, these circuits produce a dazzling assortment of complex noises and pure tones that emerge as a type of self-organizing machine conversation.

Together, these musicians and instruments interact to produce some of the most imaginative and challenging soundscapes in contemporary music. All of the final sounds will be heard through a state-of-the-art, 8-channel surround sound system.

Thollem McDonas

Thollem McDonas, pianist/comproviser, was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of Irish and Cherokee descent. Not long after birth he began studying the keyboard repertoire from the medieval to the 20th century. After graduating with degrees in both piano performance and composition he dedicated his time for years in grassroots political movements and ecological restoration projects before coming back to music with his full focus. He is currently touring perpetually, mostly as a soloist but also in collaboration with many other individuals and groups.
Thollem’s extensive travels as a performer and teacher have covered much of the North American continent and Europe (he often leads listening and group improvisation workshops). He is a founding member of several innovative ensembles all of varying and disparate musics. In the past 6 years he has added 20 albums to his discography on 9 different vanguard labels in 4 different countries. His music is diverse, with each album and every concert exploring a variety of approaches and paths, resulting in dramatically different outcomes.

Thollem is a recipient of the 2009 US Artists International Award as the founder and Artistic Director of Estamos Ensemble as well as a CAP grant this year from the American Music Center. He was commissioned by The Limon Dance Company for a large-scale piece in commemoration of their 50th year anniversary. In September 2008 he was invited to perform the late works of Claude Debussy on the piano on which they were written, as well as his own comprovisations with Stefano Scodanibbio. “OnDebussy’sPianoAnd…” (Die Schachtel, Fall 2010) is the first album ever recorded on Debussy’s piano.

Thollem has performed in theaters, art galleries, universities, elementary schools, concert halls, jazz clubs, rock clubs, festivals, warehouses, house concerts, streets, forests, riots and on television and radio. He has performed piano concertos with symphonies, played in West African drumming troupes, Javanese gamelan ensembles, an afro-punk band, with hundreds of free improv groups, and as an accompanist and a composer for opera and modern dance. His music appeals to a wide variety of audiences because of these rich and wildly disparate experiences. Currently Thollem primarily plays his own comprovisations he calls Eccentriclect Music, for people and everyone else.

Recent Awards:
Meet the Composer: Creative Connections, 2007
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation: USArtists, 2009 – EstamosEnsemble, Director
American Music Center: CAP, 2010 – ‘AllForNow’ debuted at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

<p>Alchemical Burn-

Alchemical Burn explores the power and grace of pure sonic ferocity within the realms of analog noise and multi-textural soundscape. From guerilla style street performance to art galleries across the Southwest Ab seduces aural pallets and turns listeners on their ears at once!


Roland is a multi-instrumental composer who has collaborated in many projects in Santa Fe including We Drew Lightning, Esthom, seven ate nine, and Proxemics. With a multitude of instruments on hand, Roland creates compositions and improvisational music with depth and texture as if the listener were hearing more than one player.

For the High Mayhem Fall Series, Roland will be performing as a solo musician using guitars, voice, samples, and keyboards to present a body of recently composed songs. The set will include many of the elements and influences of his diverse musical background.

Hosted by Tuesday Eve

Location: High Mayhem Studio, 2811 Siler Ln, Santa Fe,

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