FALL SERIES-Cloacas, The Things That Are Heard, Echos and Ghosts, WATIV, The Late Severa Wires, Hosted by Chace Haynes


7:00 am - 1:00 am


High Mayhem Studio
2811 Siler Lane
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Listed in Order of Appearance Shows start at 7pm


The Things That Are Heard

Echos and Ghosts by dc bond

WATIV (new orleans/chicago/santa fe)

Just Announced!-The Late Severa Wires

Hosted by Chace Haynes


Listening to Cloacas is like travelling sideways in time. This (mostly) instrumental Santa Fe band invokes elements of classic Americana and classical, as well as whatever their acoustical instruments inspire. With song titles like “Venetian Blind Man”, “Hot Hamburger Pizza” and “Knuckle Butter”, they present a humorous but sincere irony that is at times bitter-sweet and melancholic, and at others gangly-legged and goofy. They have been described as a tiny mountain orchestra in a wooden box with rusty hinges.

Cloacas are:

Johnny “Johnny Bell” Bell: banjo and ukelele

Sabrina Griffith: violin, viola, vocals and kazoo

Damon Griffith: mandolin, fret-less Mandolin, vocals, sit-box and Horn of Enough

Michael “Smitty” Smith: percussion, vocals, saw and xylophone

Grannia Griffith: vocals and saw.

The Things That Are Heard

The Things That Are Heard is a local Santa Fe (New Mexico) band led rather nonchalantly by drummer / composer Dave Wayne. The other members include guitarists Ross Hamlin and Sean Buckley, cornetist Dan Pearlman, trombonist Paul Bossert, saxophonist / percussionist Shawn Woodyard, and tuba player Mark Weaver. Each of these players has an extensive history of playing jazz and other socially unacceptable musics for audiences thoughout New Mexico and other parts of the world. Taken collectively, the members of The Things That Are Heard have led their own great groups (e.g., Mark Weaver’s ‘Brassum,’ Ross Hamlin’s ‘God’s Green Ghost’), and have had significant musical interactions with artists as diverse as A Hawk and A Hacksaw, James Newton, Venus Bogardus, John Carter, Chris Jonas’ Bing, Christian Pincock’s Sound Painting Orchestra (and Quartet), The ARC Trio, Rob Brown, Zimbabwe Nkenya and ZIYA, Samba Fe, The Gagan Brothers Band, Bobby Bradford, Vinnie Golia, Michael Vlatkovich, and many others.

Metal and Music!Originally started by Dave Wayne as a one-off narcisso-vanity project to celebrate his own 50th birthday, the band quickly took on a life of its own. They’ve spent the past year practicing, gigging and honing Wayne’s non-linear, oddly-harmonized compositions – and those of trombonist Paul Bossert and guitarist Ross Hamlin – to form the basis of a unique, and intermittently entertaining sound. Thanks to a loyal fan base, there are several videos of the band on YouTube, the most recent of which will give a pretty good idea of the band’s unclassifiably hybrid musical style. These musical mongrels have no problems mixing Klezmer with Ska and neo-Mahavishnu fusion in the same tune! The recent departure of bassist Casey Andersen and percussionist Elliot Ryan has been dealt with by enlisting tuba player Mark Weaver and multi-reed artist / percussionist Shawn Woodyard into the fold.

The genesis of The Things That Are Heard can also be tied directly to an interview between Matt Groening & Frank Zappa – originally published in “Guitar Player” magazine in 1993 or so. We would not exist if it weren’t for this exchange:

Echos and Ghosts

a collaboration between dc bond: movement, vadi grantis: visuals & alex neville:
technology supports the analog performer to create a compression of time and space.
we explore past moments that live within us. we walk next to our shadow selves.
simultaneously haunted & hunted by our future yet to be chosen and the past we can
not change. we weave into the present that which we left behind.

WATIV (new orleans/chicago/santa fe),

WATIV is a piano bass drum trio that formed years ago in the city that birthed our beloved jazz. This trio’s sound now stretches beyond the crescent city and her broken levees. The trio uses traditional instrumentation plus melodica, computer, pedals and sound clips from Iraq recorded by one band member while there. To understand the energy of this group’s dynamic performance one must understand where each member has been. Rhythms that flip like revolving doors, melody gives tears of joy and lament, and spirit filled movements only begin to describe one performance.
New Orleans Musicians, Iraq, Soldier, Interrogator, Katrina, Composer, War Music.
Features: All Things Considered, BBC Radio 4 among others.
One band in our time comprises so much of what we all need to hear in through the neutral yet profound median, music. It’s name is WATIV. Music has been written about wars and other disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. However, no one can speak such as much right as WATIV.
Iraq: William was there as an interrogator and counter Intelligence Agent with the US Army, subject to a “back door draft” known as stop-loss. While there he distinguished himself as the first artist in the history of music to release a body of work while still in a combat zone. The result is an album known as “Baghdad Music Journal”. This album will be released nationally in October of 2006.
Katrina: Band members, Milton Villarrubia III, Matthew Golombisky, and William Thompson have been separated due to this horrific storm, now living in Chicago, Santa Fe and Jackson Ms. Ironically, the sights in New Orleans after retuning home differed little from the destruction, which William was so accustomed to in Baghdad. However, neither the storm or the war could stop the music.
WATIV Ensemble: Reunited, the WATIV Ensemble has begun to perform and speak on current issues for intrigued audiences abroad. A Piano trio featuring Milton Villarrubia on drums, William Thompson on piano and Matthew Golombisky on Bass, units the traditions of New Orleans Jazz, Jewish music, Arabic sounds, and live laptop performance. The ensemble feels it important to take the facts about Iraq, Katrina, Arab/Israeli issues, and force the American public to deal with truth.
The Story: The complexity of this story is impossible for me to stress. One thing is for sure. There is a wealth of rich, interesting and important information in this story, which can be presented in a very personal way. Contact: wat4music@gmail.com or call 601.983.9179. For more information visit www.wativmusic.com.

The Late Severa Wires-first live show in 18 month

9 year anniversary show! We are so excited that The Late Severa Wires is able to fill in for Li. Come witness the return of one of the most unique and exciting bands around.

Launched out of Santa Fe in 2001, The Late Severa Wires has created a new breed of music that can be distinctly known as their own.

The Wires have gone on numerous tours covering the majority of the states drawing critical acclaim for their unique ability to push the boundaries of their instruments and music.

The band consists of:

Ultraviolet-turntables and guitars

Mike Rowland-drums

Yozo Suzuki-guitars

Carlos Santistevan-basses


“Somehow these guys have perfected the art of alchemizing chaos into harmony.”-Signal to Noise, live review

“People are already recognizing them for the all time classic group they are”-Sean Carnage, Los Angeles

“It must be a great joy to experience this free rock outfit live”-Vital Weekly, Neatherlands

“The four accomplices push as far as possible the infinite capabilities of their instruments”-Liability Webzine, France

The Wires have played with greats such as: Lightning Bolt, HEALTH, Clipd Beaks, Anavan, Dub Trio, The Mae Shi, Pictureplane, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Justice Yeldham, Bizzart, Mammatus, New Thrill Parade, Mute Socialite and many more….

They’ve played some of the finest venues/festivals for new music in the country including: The Empty Bottle (Chicago), Bowery Poetry Club (NYC), Hemlock Tavern (SF), The Smell (LA), Edgetone Music Summit (Bay Area), High Mayhem Festival, 81st Anuual Burning of Zozobra, Olympia Festival of Experimental Musics, Godwaffle Noise Pancakes (SF), Dragons Den (New Orleans), Red Room Collective (Baltimore) and many more…

Hosted by Chace Haynes

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