The Late Severa Wires

Launched out of Santa Fe in 2001, The Late Severa Wires has created a new breed of music that can be distinctly known as their own.

The Wires have gone on numerous tours covering the majority of the states drawing critical acclaim for their unique ability to push the boundaries of their instruments and music.

The band consists of:

Ultraviolet-turntables and guitars
Mike Rowland-drums
Yozo Suzuki-guitars
Carlos Santistevan-basses

Currently, due to geographic isolation, members of The Late Severa Wires are continuing their sonic experiments as the duos of Half Wire as well as The Wires Trio.


“Somehow these guys have perfected the art of alchemizing chaos into harmony.”-Signal to Noise, live review

“People are already recognizing them for the all time classic group they are”-Sean Carnage, Los Angeles

“It must be a great joy to experience this free rock outfit live”-Vital Weekly, Neatherlands

“The four accomplices push as far as possible the infinite capabilities of their instruments”-Liability Webzine, France

The Wires have played with greats such as:   Lightning Bolt, HEALTH, Clipd Beaks, Anavan, Dub Trio, The Mae Shi, Pictureplane, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Justice Yeldham, Bizzart, Mammatus, New Thrill Parade, Mute Socialite and many more….

They’ve played some of the finest venues/festivals for new music in the country including:   The Empty Bottle (Chicago), Bowery Poetry Club (NYC), Hemlock Tavern (SF), The Smell (LA), Edgetone Music Summit (Bay Area), High Mayhem Festival, 81st Anuual Burning of Zozobra, Olympia Festival of Experimental Musics, Godwaffle Noise Pancakes (SF), Dragons Den (New Orleans), Red Room Collective (Baltimore) and many more…

Discography- albums at:

The End of The Song-Download Only Release High Mayhem Records- June 2011

Rewired with JA Deane and Molly Sturges-CD-High Mayhem Records Spring 2009

Live in the KFJC Pit– SickSickSick Records- Summer 2008

Hear with your Eyes- DVD High Mayhem- September 2007

Three Minutes a Second-LP High Mayhem- October 2006

The Late Severa Wires-s/t CD High Mayhem-April 2003


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