This Fall Series was the last shows we presented at our studio on Siler Ln.   We are going more modular and entering a new phase of High Mayhem, a reinvention of sorts….

We will be launching a new store incredibly soon and will release an album a day for a solid month!   We are re-releasing all our releases digitally, including some things only previously available on vinyl or DVD or obscure short run releases.

Stay tuned at store.highmayhem.org

PIRATE VIDEO BROADCASTS CAN HAPPEN AT ANYTIME!  We generally put out info of these broadcasts on our Facebook Page the day of.   Follow us at facebook.com/highmayhem to stay in the loop.


This weeks track of the week is a new demo from iNK oN pAPER-“Cellular Automotron”.   Enjoy!


Follow our audio on http://soundcloud.com/highmayhem


High Mayhem and the Fall Series is made possible by generous contributions from the Kindle Project.


<p>“… as if drum ‘n’ bass took a detour through an electro-acoustic free-punk Jucifer and had its downbeats addled or partly removed.”-Signal to Noise Review</p>
<p>The result is a duo that is drags rhythm through the mud in unimaginably glorious ways.</p>