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Wednesday June 17th, 8pm – The BASS SHOW with CJ Boyd, David Menestres, and the Uninvited Guest – webcast show at highmayhem.org/livestream

We are very excited to feature 3 very different and amazing solo bass acts.

We have a limited number of presale tickets available for the in studio performance.

By your tix here! for $10

cjBassist, composer, vagabond, CJ Boyd uses low-end loops and voices in order to try and stop time. On perpetual tour since March 2008, movement and stasis are both at the center of his music. Though solo performance takes up the bulk of his time and effort, he also plays in the bands Desert Center, Kurva Choir, Rhonya, and Move. His non-stop travels between North America and Europe have been propelled by vans, cars, trains, buses, planes, and boats, but most of all a commitment to ceaseless discovery and re-invention.  His oceanic sounds provide a home for the homeless and journeys to the homebound. more at http://www.cjboyd.com/ and https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/cj-boyd/

david.jpegDavid Menestres – new transplant from North Carolina, making his Santa Fe debut – more at davidmenestres.com




iNK oN pAPER 3 arms“The Uninvited Guest”- Carlos Santistevan High Mayhem co-founder, director, and audio engineer making a rare solo performance. A diverse and eclectic musician from groups such as iNK oN pAPER, The Late Severa Wires, The Uninvited Guests, Out of Context, A. Barnhouse and more!





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<p>“… as if drum ‘n’ bass took a detour through an electro-acoustic free-punk Jucifer and had its downbeats addled or partly removed.”-Signal to Noise Review</p>
<p>The result is a duo that is drags rhythm through the mud in unimaginably glorious ways.</p>