month of Mayhem

An album a day for a month (February 10-March 11) will be released on our new online store.highmayhem.org.  Some of these old out of print releases, some available for the first time.

Album release schedule is:

Artist Album Release date
Out Of Context Guitar Choir Zen Noir 10-Feb-15
The Late Severa Wires rewired 11-Feb-15
brilliant Dullards the Defector 12-Feb-15
we drew lightning glitch 13-Feb-15
HM Festival 2003 High Mayhem Festival 2003 14-Feb-15
The Uninvited Guests Live Recordings Vol. 1 15-Feb-15
Zimabwe Nkenya The New Jazz 16-Feb-15
The Late Severa Wires KFJC Pit 17-Feb-15
Simulate Sensual Simulate Sensual 18-Feb-15
iNK oN pAPER official demo 19-Feb-15
WATIV Baghdad Music Journal 20-Feb-15
HM Festival 2004 HM Festival 2004 21-Feb-15
Ray Charles Ives Clandestine Pedestrian 22-Feb-15
The Late Severa Wires Three Minutes a Second 23-Feb-15
DERAIL Engine Room 24-Feb-15
Out of Context 1 inch equals 25 miles 25-Feb-15
HM festival 2005 High Mayhem Festival 2005 26-Feb-15
We Drew Lightning Swimming with Orange 27-Feb-15
The Late Severa Wires here with your eyes 28-Feb-15
Taiji Pole Taiji Pole 1-Mar-15
Out of Context WNMM 2-Mar-15
Cloacas the Oatmeal Commision 3-Mar-15
Antoine Pasquier Ant Pac: Bin 1 4-Mar-15
cathoula curse Post Myth 5-Mar-15
iNK oN pAPER Live in the Red Stick 6-Mar-15
The Late Severa Wires End of the Song 7-Mar-15
Audible Whispering 1/2 Quartet AWHQ 8-Mar-15
The Proxemics cells 9-Mar-15
The Late Severa Wires The Late Severa Wires 10-Mar-15
iNK oN pAPER ink on paper 11-Mar-15

This Fall Series was the last shows we presented at our studio on Siler Ln.   We are going more modular and entering a new phase of High Mayhem, a reinvention of sorts….

PIRATE VIDEO BROADCASTS CAN HAPPEN AT ANYTIME!  We generally put out info of these broadcasts on our Facebook Page the day of.   Follow us at facebook.com/highmayhem to stay in the loop.


Follow our audio on http://soundcloud.com/highmayhem


High Mayhem and the Fall Series is made possible by generous contributions from the Kindle Project.


<p>“… as if drum ‘n’ bass took a detour through an electro-acoustic free-punk Jucifer and had its downbeats addled or partly removed.”-Signal to Noise Review</p>
<p>The result is a duo that is drags rhythm through the mud in unimaginably glorious ways.</p>