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    5. Pamela Beach says:

      What’s the ticket price?

    6. Pamela Beach says:

      What’s the cover?

    7. What a wonderful article! The show sounds amazing, sorry to have missed it!

      What a beautiful team of artists. I am sure that the work was strong and compelling. And encore soon, ladies?

      Blessings, Joseph Bennett
      San Miguel Allende, Mx

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    9. Phat Man Dee says:

      Hullo! I am trying to listen to Auntie Cackle and her Coleslaw King…. I am getting this message “Error loading stream: ID not fond on server” Am I doing something wrong?

    10. Flame Schon says:

      it’s not working here

    11. Arianne says:

      Perfect company for late night working…thanks High Mayhem!

    12. Yellowfocusstman says:

      Can’t wait to hear Out of Context!

    13. Skip Rapoport says:

      next best thing to being there!

    14. Evan says:

      Hello High Mayhem,

      Audio electronic is a hobby of mine. I am not a professional level yet, but I am fairly good at fixing things.

      That Ty Segall concert on Tuesday blew my hair back. Never had been to High Mayhem before, and glad to find out that this sort of scene exists in Santa Fe, especially since I’ll be moving to town in May.

      Just putting it out there that if you might need a volunteer to repair A/V equipment, I am trying to get more experience with that. Getting a 2 year in electro-engineering.

      Either way, thanx and keep it going!

    15. Gerri Barela says:

      Please send me info on your upcoming shows. My friend, Michelle first saw the great Dave and Morgan Eve from Brown Bird there and instantly became their fans. We drive to Denver to see and hear them, and to Albuquerque. The world lost a most humble, and talented musician. Thank you for having them play at your studio or we may have never heard them.

    16. dino says:

      johnny bell
      in banjo land
      sounds great
      sync is all good
      here on the
      front range
      my best
      to all

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    18. dino says:

      sounding good up here on the front range my friend
      HighMayhem Por Vida

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