FALL SERIES- iNK oN pAPER, Peter Breslin’s Poltergeist, STARHUSTLER, Ryat, DNA, Hosted by Damon Griffith

Event: FALL SERIES- iNK oN pAPER, Peter Breslin’s Poltergeist, STARHUSTLER, Ryat, DNA, Hosted by Damon Griffith

Date: 2 Oct 2010 - 7:00 pm


Listed in Order of Appearance Shows start at 7pm


Peter Breslin’s Poltergeist



Ryat (Philidelphia)

Hosted by Damon Griffith


iNK oN pAPER is a drum, bass, and electronics duo from Milton Villarrubia III (drums and laptop) and Carlos Santistevan (bass and electonics). After making music together as a rhythm section in numerous creative projects for over 10 years, Carlos and Milt decided they would further hone their craft in a duo setting exploring the vast possibilities of their respective instruments. Both members play hybridized versions of their instruments with Milton using Midi triggers on his drums to trigger samples and processing using Ableton Live and Carlos incorporating analog live looping and signal processing on his upright electric bass.

The result is a duo that is drags rhythm through the mud in unimaginably glorious ways.

Collectively the 2 have shared the stages with many greats including: Myra Melford, Dub Trio, Claudia Quintet, Lightning Bolt, HEALTH, Dennis Gonzalez, Rob Brown, Roscoe Mitchell, Tatsuya Nakatani, Kidd Jordan, J.A. dino Deane, Chris Jonas, Ed Peterson, Mark Dresser, Thollem McDonas and Tsigoti, Zimbabwe Knenya, et al.

The 2 have/still perform in: Out of Context, The Late Severa Wires, Knot My Soul, A. Barnhouse, Knot My Soul, WATIV, Grilly Biggs, Green Orbit, The Uninvited Guests, at a loss…and others.

Peter Breslin’s Poltergeist

he Relation of the Fam’d Disturbance by the Drummer, in the House
of Mr. John Mompesson_.” A local landowner, John Mompesson, owner of
a house in the town of Tedworth (now called Tidworth, in Wiltshire),
had brought a lawsuit against a local drummer, whom he accused of
extorting money by false pretenses. After he had won judgment against
the drummer and confiscated his drum, he found his house plagued by
nocturnal drumming noises. It was assumed that the drummer had brought
these plagues of noise upon Mompesson’s head by witchcraft.”

Rumble ghost, spirit knocker. Thrashes, rattles, groans. Crash and
clatter. Coded, chthonic mischief. Aural grudge. Visitation voice.
Only occasionally malevolent. Recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis.
Chaos demon. Elemental.

Peter Breslin plays percussion.


The DNA Project: An Unveiling of Mesmerizing, FIRE FILLED, Magical Experience just for you!


Spawned from the particles of Menage A Un, Redding Bacon, Ultraviolet, and Burke Miles
Created by the essences of guitars, bass, analog synthesizers, voices,software, and projectors
Culminating into molecules of Pop, Rock, and Electronica
All for the greater mission of Hustling for Stars


Ryat is a cutting edge multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer from Philadelphia, PA. She has toured all over the world and has been honored to collaborate live with some of the worlds top musical artists of our time, including Billy Martin, Calvin G. Weston, Mike Dillon, King Britt, DJ Logic, Taylor McFerrin and Skerik. Her intuitive artistic drive towards Instrumental Art has also brought her into a visual realm collaborating with multi-media artists, choreographers, film makers, live painters and interactive-video artists. In 2008 she was asked to score a live improvisational piece to a feature film for the Philadelphia Film Societies Annual Producer and Directors event. As of late, she has been doing electronic music seminars at centers like The Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia. With her live performances, she is known for her wide vocal range, unique powerful tone and words, her improvisational techniques and her usage of live instrumental looping and effects. In the studio, she is appraised for her innovative arrangements with multi-time signatures and her fresh outlook on evolving sound styles. She was endorsed by Reason software in 2008 to experiment with all of their newest products for her latest record entitled “Street Noise Orkestra.” Compared to artist like Bjork and Thom Yorke, this young lady will be yet another sonic innovator for years to come.

Recently Ryat’s ever evolving band consists of many world class musicians such as multi instrumentalist/composer Tim Conley, (who has shared stages with artists such as Flaming Lips, Mike Gordon(phish), Bernie Worrell and Mike Watt). When touring with more than just a duo, Ryat brings along many special guests including drummer Mark Guiliana, (who was cited in Modern Drummer 2007 readers poll as “one of the best up-and-coming stars of today’s drumming scene,”) Jason Fraticelli, (bass player has toured with Matisyahu and Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey) and Chris Wood (of Grimace Federation).

Location: High Mayhem Emerging Arts StudioLineup TBA, 2811 Siler Lane, Santa Fe NM,

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