Art Opening: “Embed” New work by Andrea Cermanski and Tanya Story


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


High Mayhem Studio
2811 Siler Lane, Santa Fe
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“Embed” is a two-person art exhibit. Andrea Cermanski and Tanya Story have both embedded lots of natural materials into their pieces.

Andrea Cermanski

Andrea Cermanski is an artist and educator who lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been creating art for over 15 years, and has a Masters in Art Education. To her, painting is meditation which allows her to explore an infinite world of color and form. She has shown her work throughout New Mexico, and is currently represented by The William and Joseph Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

Andrea’s Artist Statement:
Through my paintings I explore texture, color and process. Texture is a significant component of my work as my goal is to create a surface, not just paint on one. I use acrylic and encaustic paint because they lend themselves to working thickly and quickly. With both of these mediums I am able to create highly textured, layered pieces.

My work is inspired by the forms and colors in nature. In my series “Meditations on Nature,” I create abstract pieces which reflect the mystery of the outdoor world. My process is an intuitive one; one in which I allow the painting to slowly reveal itself. While painting I tap into memories of my experiences in nature, and in the end the painting becomes its own entity.

My work is the antithesis of Trompe l’oeil: rather than trying to “trick” the viewer into believing the image is reality, I aim to intrigue the viewer by the mere beauty of paint. The images I create do not try to replicate reality; rather, they create a new world. I am interested in the way colors react with each other, and how in turn we react as viewers. Ultimately, it is my goal to uplift and engage the viewer, while giving them the opportunity to make their own meaning for the painting.

My current work continues to explore color, texture and process through mixed media. I am experimenting with mixing natural objects with encaustic paint to create unique textures and colors. I plan to continue working with both encaustic and acrylic paint in small and large formats.

Tanya Story
Born in California in the late sixties, Tanya Story began her love of natural world. She spent a large part of her childhood growing uo between the coast of California and the deserts of Arizona. Tanya experiences death at a young age with the passing of her mother, inspiring her to create art work where others would find only death.
She is addressing these issues by using materials that would usually be considered ominous, or dark such as bones, hair and other organic materials . Tanya uses materials that usually would not go together like metal and bone, in a way that is dynamic, auspicious and a little playful, putting life back into these materials. Her work is inspired by nature, alchemy, and science. Having traveled extensively through Asia, South America, Central america, and Australia, she also draws upon her travels for inspiration. Tanya is a self taught artist, learning to advance her vision through her life experiences. Tanya now lives in Santa Fe, New mexico, where he creates her sculptures, and works as a Culinary Arts , Chef instructor at the Santa Fe Community College.

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  1. What a wonderful article! The show sounds amazing, sorry to have missed it!

    What a beautiful team of artists. I am sure that the work was strong and compelling. And encore soon, ladies?

    Blessings, Joseph Bennett
    San Miguel Allende, Mx

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