Art Opening: “Everyone Shimmers the Space Near” – by Scott Moore


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


High Mayhem Gallery
2811 Siler Lane, Santa Fe
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This show presents work by Scott Moore spanning the past eight years and has never been publicly exhibited until now. The emphasis of the artwork in the exhibition is in drawing, sculpture, performance and video.

The process of drawing for Scott has been a constant and lifelong practice that informs many starting points and ideas in other mediums. The long running theme of portraits is the main vehicle for image architecture. It is a process of rendering a snap shot of the unseen person and their effects on the atmosphere. The portraits are a study of non-retinal apprehensions, types, and interpretations of individual radiance and rhythms.

Scott’s performance work resides in the heart improvisation and is deeply rooted in sculpture, exploring the intersection of action and object. The pieces represented in the show are examples of collaborative and solo actions orbiting meditations on work and love, the difficulty of singular physical simultaneity, and the tension of chaos spawning heightened audience intuition.

The coopered vessels began as a need for a dance partner who could be caressed, carried and dipped, as well as entered and navigated. In the realm of classical sculpture, they serve as personages and totemic figures, harking to that which is forgotten and vital to remember.

The video work for the most part is spontaneous incidentals that provide a forum for sound track and image collision.

Aside from his studio and performance work, Scott is a member of Eve Sussman’s The Rufus Corporation centered in Brooklyn, NY. This international collective has produced film, video, music, installation and performance pieces.

Scott moved to New Mexico four years ago from Brooklyn and currently resides in Miranda Canyon.

The dried kambucha and oxidized metal work is a form of drawing and image making that serve as graphic escorts to the gates of hell.

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