All For Now (Thollem McDonas and John Deiterich of Deerhoof) TBA


9:00 pm - 12:00 am


High Mayhem
2811 Siler Ln, Santa Fe
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‘A night of short animated films by NY filmmaker Martha Colburn accompanied by All For Now’

Martha Colburn’s work utilizes the language and materials of film making to comment on popular culture, consumerism, politics and sexuality. Through a collage of live action (paint-on-glass) animations, found footage, and documentary filmmaking techniques, she addresses contemporary topics to express her personal anxieties and passions. Martha’s films are a disturbing and at times humorous take on popular and political culture. She creates elaborately layered collages,paintings, and installations that incorporate transparencies,recordings, and live performances. As her conceptual process grows, so follows advances in an already detailed and labor-intensive animating process. Martha is expanding her technique into working with multi-plane glass animation, which represents a physical manifestation of her conceptually layered ideas. Currently, Martha is working on films that combine art historical representations and current depictions of politics to challenge our notions of truth and fantasy. As a descendent of some of America’s earliest settlers (ministers, farmers and wagon train members), her work demonstrates an awareness of the repository of the guilt haunted twisted history of the
American soul. Martha’s current work draws from this perspective and personal experience to address issues such as Methamphetamine use, environmental catastrophes, and man’s relationship to nature.

All For Now is one of those special meetings, when the empathy and complicity between two players emerge into something far wider, complex, and profound than the simple circumstance of their encounter. How fitting that these two musicians should come together for their first recording at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art! McDonas on piano and voice, and Dieterich (from Deerhoof) on guitar here present lovely, spare, sometimes jarring, sometimes gentle improvisations that are thoroughly modernistic works of art in their own right. – KFJC

Guitarist John Dieterich from Deerhoof accompanies the virtuoso pianist Thollem McDonas, who has been active for years back and forth between North America and Europe. All For Now is a series of duets characterised by strong and vivid tension. Pieces that are generally short, focused on the dissimulating and extremely diversified movements of Thollem, who moves from Debussy to Satie’s sparseness, with tasty hints from Monk to the most experimental moments until the piano seems to be prepared. For his part, Dieterich brushes and designs without ever overdoing except occasionally, reserving the harshest and acid chords to few – but very incisive – songs. The music flows with the appearance of improvisation though not with the more typical and obvious features.
– Blow Up Magazine

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