Out of Context

The Out of Context Ensemble was founded by Dino J.A. Deane in 1997 after working with Butch Morris as a “conduction” musician for 12 years. “Conduction” is a vocabulary of signs and gestures transmitted by a conductor to an orchestra providing instantaneous possibilities for altering or initiating harmony, melody, rhythm, articulation, phrasing or form. Attributed largely to the work of Butch Morris, Morris himself cites an early substitution for musical notation called “chironomy,” dating from1500 B.C.

Deane’s goal in founding the ensemble was to have no goal. His intention was to work with a group slowly over time
to allow the ensemble to develop a deep understanding and skill with this revolutionary way of creating music.

Over the course of 14 years of continual development, the ensemble has realized a real-time score to the classic 1932 silent film “Peter Pan”, a concert at the Georgia O’Keeffe museum “playing” the photographs of Edward Weston,
a concert “playing” the book – 1” = 25 Miles, by Sumner Carnahan, a score for the film The Burden Carriers, by Pierre Barrera and a theatrical score for Theater Grottesco’s Wenomadmen. OOC has appeared at the High Mayhem Festival 3 times, has released 4 critically acclaimed CD’s and contributed several new signs and gestures to the Conduction Lexicon.

Dino J.A. Deane – Conductor
Jon Baldwin – Cornet
C.K. Barlow – Sampler/LiveSampling
Paul Bossert-Trombone
John Flax – Voice
John Gustafson -Oboe
Ross Hamlin-Guitar/Electronics
Katie Harlow – Cello
Sam Rhodes (R.I.P)- Bassoon/Soprano Sax/Voice
Joseph Sabella – Vibes/Percussion
Carlos Santistevan – Upright Bass
Bonnie Schmader-Flutes
Alicia Ultan-Viola
Milton Villarrubia III – electronic percussion
Jefferson Voorhees – Drums/Percussion

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